Project Description


Title: Unity 3d Environmental Series Part 4: Water
Platform: Unity Tutorial
Length: 07:11
Difficulty: Beginner

In this Xenosmash tutorial we will continue with our terrain scene in Unity 4 by playing around with water. In this tutorial we will cover how to use the basic version of water that comes with Unity 4 and also the Pro version of water that is a Unity Pro only feature. You can test this Pro Water by activating your 30 day trial of Unity Pro.

Unity 4 can be downloaded at

hello everyone welcome to another zeros master unity tutorial this is part four of our environmental series today we’re going to be working with water so we’re going to be using the pro version and the basic version of water in this scene so I didn’t open up your project files are going to be filling up this little bit right here with water so once you’ve opened up the scene you want to make sure that you have your water packages you can do that by going up to assets import package and just click on the version of water that you want to use and we’re starting off with the basic version so I’m gonna go down to my water basic package going to open this up when you do that you can see we have two different types of water we have our daylight water in our nighttime water since this is going to be a day like scene we’re gonna be using the daylight simple water just drag and drop the prefab into this little pit right here and we’re going to change the scale going to change it to that’s a 110 x 110 alright so and just pull it up a bit right there is pretty good zoom in on this water here when you zoom in you’ll be able to see what it what is actually made of and all this water really is is a reflective color which is a grading a reflective color cube which is our fresnel and our normal map here which gives us this nice bumpy looking wave effect here so and then we have our way with speed map now you’ll be able to tell what this actually does once we actually play i’m gonna go ahead and make sure my camera is focusing in on this and it looks like it is but i’m gonna go ahead and move it up a little bit closer so that with my camera selected I’m going to go to align with you and now we can have a nice look at that are waves going to play gratitude this engage my first controller so just like your first person controller then click right here now let’s play and now we can see our waves now always really is is two textures moving back and forth to give us this wave effect so i can adjust the parameters for this by going down to my wave speed map here and we can increase or decrease the speed of this wave texture here so if I increase it right here on the x position you can see it starts going a little bit faster in the x-direction same with y&z so when you do that you can see that you can actually kind of make out it’s basically two textures just moving across each other and all in all it’s doing is basically Dupree and that’s why you have that little that little jump at the very end of the animation want to make sure that you have these a set to a an appropriate level so that you don’t get those effects they’re gonna bring them down it’s pretty good and bring 20 down to five alright so that’s the basic version of the water not go ahead and play with the pro version if you don’t have the pro version of unity you can go ahead and start your trial to test it out if you want i’m going to go over how to use the pro version water to see if it’s a if you like it better than the basic version which i’m almost positive you will so it’s going to leave this daylight simple water going to right-click in a delete it and i’m going to go down to the water Pro package now waterpro has a daylight water any nighttime water now these are pretty much similar to the basic water except it has a nice going in this up a bit it has a nice reflective quality to it so as you can see we have a nice mirror like reflection going on in the water and even better you can actually see through the water that little bit more realistic now the only thing about this water is the animation is not very much animation going on it’s basically the same animation as our basic water by play you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about so you can see basically looks like a moving mirror which looks pretty nice but it just give us a nice effect that we’re going for i’m gonna go ahead and delete this water we’re gonna be using the other pro version of water down here we have a water for example advance and a water for example simple going to be using the advanced version i’m going to drag and drop is in here pick this up and I’m going to adjust the scale changes to 2 by 2 i’m gonna bring it up quite a bit and I want to look at my camera and make sure yeah looks like it’s underwater I’m gonna go focus it in on a different your pic right here that’s good and go to game object align with you alright so we can see our water little bit better from there I’m going to go ahead and eat play as you can see we have a very nice effect going on here it actually ripples through and we have some nice foaming action going on here and we can adjust those settings by going into our water for example advanced clicking on it and here we have a bunch of different parameters that we can adjust this water now what we have for now all right here we can adjust the intensity all three of these basically adjust the reflective qualities of the water so i bring this up you can see changes in real time we have a lot more of a bumpy looking wavy effect going to bring this down a bit and power is almost you can see we can add or remove the amount of reflection and bias as well alright so if I go down to fading you can see this one you can see we’re basically fades out the water from the edges so if we go all the way up you can see it basically has a rough edge around the water and bring this down a bit short fade as well you can see you need to adjust the foaming to be all foam or just a little bit of foam at the edges of the water and now we’re actually gonna go play with our foam now you can adjust the intensity of the foaming here you see if you move this back and forth you can adjust how much foam that you get at the ends of the water cut off as well alright so that’s pretty much the gist of using the pro version of water you can continue to mess around with the settings here but overall that’s pretty much everything you need to know about the pro version of water and the basic version of water so i hope you enjoyed this tutorial actually watching