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Title: UNITY 3D Advanced Warfare Exo Movements Tutorial Call of Duty FPS Boost Double Jump Suit
Platform: Unity Tutorial
Length: 18:09
Difficulty: Intermediate


What’s up guys talking to another big games unity tutorial today I’m going to be showing you how to make a character controller like you would have in pole to you yes work there with the booze in the sliding and you can see here so you wouldn’t doing today in at the end will give you all of the resources that we have for this controller see you can try to do so or you can follow along tutorial up so you can see you got the booze jump and you have the slide including air as well a little choppy with them the recording going on but it’s pretty close who what you see in advance work there so you can see here double jump pretty close double jump in booth the person a slurp with her to control it we are you have for first-person shooter ever going to modify it as the job the double jump in the dash okay so here we have a script that i’ve although awful the assets worth your basic FPS trip to your fine in this is a character controller opposed to a rigid body which is a little bit easier to at four through written by a particular two controllers look better first-person shooter playoff games and makes a little more complicated to add a course like abuse or a dash so we will be showing you how to do that %um getting run for a pic just so you understand the basics of what he already before we start adding to its only have a couple variables is a public so you can access them in the UI in so we have speed which is the speed that you’re running around John Steed which is which is the speed that is a bite you in the y-direction gravity which years the force pulling down on you when you’re in the air so we have burgers for character controller which is our nasa in unity in her purse watching that we see here’s the way function in this basically just make sure your controller gets initialized to your game component and if it’s not there you go and two-year on down the update function we have a few days here you know a variable called little plaques which is if I that holds true when there’s a clash between two projects and then we have ever is grounded variable which will tell us when we’re touching the ground which took the clothes and belongings in references here wasn’t berg’s clyde is below know that a circus who is in brown need the character this a functionary here this this statement it’s as if you’re on the ground home then we can move around the for this script when you’re in the area will be able to move around you can only move around win were on the ground in you can only change your direction when you’re on your own for the new year you might want to you want to influence your national obits the to change that with this trip can only move when you’re on the ground here and we have move direction which is the vector 38 so this will hold integration and Paul data from your inputs which war zone Berkel which that is the WASD keys by the people he and the rockies to you i think in the end we have moved direction Eagles transformed transform direction so this will transform our victory into the appropriate direction that we are patients though when we push argv 1 side to side put we need to know worker we’re looking at first was transformed will do all about for you %um will you the appropriate translational your character based on the direction that your’re point and then once we have that in a new direction variable we want to work bye bye this that use to appear in after we have the move direction manipulated by our input in the speed it will this one how’s that before you could be before or after only has controlled up new and it moves it in the direction times the dot time which is the time between what he calls it the updated and that will move your cur so now we have her character moving around is also one other piece in here which is the jump and it just routes for input if you’re on the ground for jobs in the moon’s your move direction variable her dad Stephen direction variable by the just be that you sir and then we have a new direction not lie which is manipulated by the gravity variable begin timed out over time so it’s consistent throughout the possible floods modify this we can put our own character controller on controls in there in the booth in the jump for the booth and that is what I mean the poll our third the booth something at a function food whose in this is basically just the double jump for the character and I’m going to do pretty much the opposite with the ground he is doing I’m just going to apply of course know why interaction you’re gonna call a whose worst so up in your variables Los name new variable luv boost Corp 1 so here we just want to allow the player to months her jump so I’m going to make a plan I’m public pool use whose both both and we want to lose to happen only when we were in the air so I’m going to this and the same way that you would and the job here put when it’s not a girl in some you and else your not is grounded in not use whose up so this will run when you’re in the air we have you heard mister and we want to get the info inch of the player they’re pushing down here so similarly to this that’s Martin is this if get good job then I want to group hear them productive put function will return true anytime who have that he down so Joe is the space key so if you have a Dell it will always be true and we only want this the fire one time so I’m going to change the input i’d get one this will only fire then the first frame the press the key instead up by ring true every single proving that he is down so this eliminates any chance for something the fire question but once so get key down and is pics he isn’t but someone space so now we’re going to add a dash ability which is little more complex than just adding a value to the y-direction and also we won the third on a timer because it can happen more than once threw in the towel you can see in use it twice in most cases he and you can use it on the ground as well so you’re going to write a function that and it pours to the character my any & Poor’s on responding to you but since we don’t have the functionality with our character controller gonna had it here and then we’re going to tell us when you can be used and how often who’s planning time as well so it added a bunch for reals here at the top are going to need a ground ashworth which is the force me to use when we’re on the ground because it’s a little different than when we are in the air in the United and Air Task Force similarly to the ground but it’ll be different amassed so we can affect how much the forces affecting the up and just homer and asked the lady as well wertheimer the nasdaq 23 impact that would cause how much of an impact push on the character Suzuki India in the XY&Z directions the just the one direction we’re going to need to bowl information in this 3 moon we have this the complete we have another 2-3 that was in the year before that should have been in this is the move direction which was in the original script for got taken out somehow so now we have a whole variables inlets me a that function police dash if you want to determine if we’re in the air or on the ground because we have different rules for each in Call of Duty DLC kid s words reporting on the ground came in here in the air you need to distinguish when we’re we are on the ground or not in we r on the ground to disabled ass when your movie straightforward going to create function say into Intel basically all those who use the it can do that here and so if you’re in the air you want you know that’s so if you’re not on the ground up his ground and we’re all tired if you are on the ground in your Kristen sideways or backwards you can and there is no I’m not going to write just if you’re not pressing forward is because not missing anything you don’t want to dash in a particular direction so I’m going to as this is the code purses if it is not the ground and you’re pressing a or ass 40 then you can allow a dash in clean-up are there and personality input data that we have from the forward in because we only paid the input data when we are on the ground you want to update it for the brain that you’re going to boost so I’m going to use this code the Intel human interaction way input we have when we wanted to so they can tell us what direction that we should be dashing in then again we have to transform the truth from direction which will put us in the right direction the third just left or right to the world map accordance now once we know the input and we know that we can ask you want to add the impact to the players who know how to setup a function that will have an impact to the player in the way that we can manipulate the player movement is to and controller got moved Intel which direction to go so we’re going to propulsion will hello the control and where to move and we also want it tuned the the forced the overtime we want the variable diminished so it appears that is paid whose force or temporary fourth added to the controller so you create a new function in I have this function here call at impact and this will take the direction that you input which will be the direction and the wanted impact and how much force you want to apply that direction in they will apply it to this variable impact which we have up at the top as a definitely and then we will take that direction and the wind direction: is less 10 the month to given a positive balance so that it will go up it’s the down into the ground in for our dash you won’t believe this but you can use and impact in other places you can do that and to a player or hi and only after being shot or anything like that believe that you there in then we apply it to are variable which we will then push through controller got new to minutely are here to movement so now I’m going to and if statement the noun and a statement to check the impact magnitude in only apply if it is greater than .2 other than that will be negligible to the pyramid and you have a controller w/ then we put her impact variable that me applying worth to in this in fact and now will move character in the direction upbeat impact we want the impact diminished over time but we certainly so on point and a peace accord here that will change the impact I’ll overtime he and 13:00 the loop function which basically it is the first 30 Union makes it go to the second variable over that period of time you be fine in the third input now you need to tell the dashed to apply it to the the impact so I’m going to and if he’s could hear that as impact to our character controller in we want to add it to the X in the directions only because the y-direction that will be affected by our whose be dashed sideways in backwardness we want just to be on the X&Y axis and then for our worse that we want to apply remember porcelain crowns little different in person air solar input to the force is this in separate years they rip which will basically say is check if it’s wrong with it returns true it will return the first 30 with new by if that’s false it will by the second so if that is grounded by the ground ashworth it is not grounded by the air dash for so nasty little the string21 esto by you know I have it as the lead ship he in this it’s that good input I pick you down the ways we did before worship in that after now this should work for your character controller in reply to that but there is nothing to stop it from happening over and over is that the first EP and your next on Q&A hundreds this so that you can only press that the points earned by as the content found is that good time tutelary so we have our variables that we had earlier dashed timer in desolate both Google’s their publics you can change in the UI if you want to modify its ok for this timer we’re going to apply a value to the timer which is equal to the the timer delay and then it will decrease over time and within zero were under we all know that you cannot buy another test so dinner in a statement going to put here and timer list them 0 and now we have to do is follow work to assign to the time value well you get there buttons minute in the desk variable did we do fired at us we’re going to answer the Tyler equal few be delivered so 13-0 sign the value the lady into timer in the last thing we need to do is decrease their value over time so in an hour up in person wheels that in its statement if best Taylor is greater than the early that’s less than zero people here it’s ready to use me don’t you do anything to it but it did is greater than 0 we won best player to decrease by kind of the time which is the time in between pump here and now you’re done pic script in one last thing I noticed never ended a variable for is grounded so appear useful public who is going to be construed as not to be publically get easier if you do have problems to see if its correctness own identifying when you’re on the ground so be over to our theme so you know movement P&P ever whose inertness and a sideways this backwards unit we wanted to make this more like call do you could add the known migration on screen to the camera when you’re boosting to abuses were before school type look to it in also the next thing will probably be to climb up side old on cliffs when you’re near which is what happens in the game if you want to see the heaviest up let me know if minority 30 next in dollars in also check out our Call of Duty zombie series we r recreating hope you find these on doing all the assets of 43 he and this is actually will announce that we’re doing you not sure yet I might and this functionality into new songs the Maya obviously would have to modify it because CPA with you on high from them is pretty easily but let me know what you think in the comments that the the maybe just the ground in ashes would be helpful in columns on these but be sure to check that out Union please like the video if this helped you out remember to subscribe to this you will be adding more videos like this couple times a week at least once a week so thanks for watching guys will see you next time!