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Trash bags

Bohdan Lvov

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Someone said recently that I’m doing complete trash – well, now that’s definitely true 😉
Derustifying my knowledge of Marvelous Designer with a simple but interesting assets: garbage bags.
Problem was in plastic structure of the bags, so they not bend, but rather broke and bend on a broken edges. And MD simulates cloth which gave us fantastic stretched folds, which wasn’t the case with polyethilene.
I’ve seen other 3d trash bags and most of them have the same issue: plastic looks softly stretched, not broken, so it resembles rather rubber that polyethilene. I tried to tweak that in MD, so here’s the screen shot of settings, maybe someone also trying to do plastic simulation and can’t wrap it up. Or future me forgot what to tweak AGAIN.


And of course some tweaking via sculpting tools where used, mostly just for freaky creases.

6048 faces
3096 vertices