Project Description


Title: Setting up Realtime Global Illumination in Unity 5
Platform: Unity Tutorial
Length: 10:40
Difficulty: Beginner

In this Unity 5 tutorial I show you how to setup global illumination for the first time. This might not be helpful for advanced users but will help in showing how to add skyboxes, lights, using the continues baking, the lighting settings and making sure objects are static.

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hey guys welcome to another unity tutorial today and this is going to be another unity 5 tutorial is going to focus on maybe setting up your lighting or global illumination lighting with in unity 5 for the first time i’m not an expert of learning everything unity 5 i’m still learning myself having an awful lot of time to focus on anything because I’ve said to a lot of people have still got projects going in unity fall so this is just going to be a basics of of you a quick look about set up your environment lighting with in unity 5 so when you start a new scene file new scene you’ll get amen camera on a directional light now a directional light will be directional out be real time l have more of a sort of warmish color the intensity will be one and the balance intensity will also be one will have soft shadows enabled now that’s all well and good that’s fine – this what you might also want to do well you will need to do is you want this lighting tub now what you want to do to get that is you go to window one lighting if you don’t already have it and I had to try it over to this right hand side so it makes it easy to see now what I’ll do is I’ll start by creating some cubes and i’ll skip through this to some of them can do it just build a little scene so that you can see everything inside and if you look back on this you can see that if we rotate the direction of light we can obviously affect the shadows that we’ve got to apply a quick text you to my models so i will select all models that want to apply my texture too and just drag it on yeah so we can zoom in and we get the text that you may well have seen before now while also are what you might want to do is drag your first post controller prefab into the scene so we’ll just drop that in here and then we can run around with in RC now nothing really that exciting is actually going on at the moment with in unity now i’m going to hide the great because it’s a bit annoying when I don’t really need it now on the lighting tab you’ll notice that we’ve got the different things so we’re going to set the skybox we’re going to set the normal skybox so we’ll click on it and we’ll search for the default sky box and the default skybox will be added to I seeing once we add it now we’re going to add the directional light as I son over here we’re going to have the ambient sauce as and the skybox we don’t actually turn the ambient light down because in real life we don’t actually have ambient light will have the real time at global illumination on Sky box is going to be a reflection sauce for this i’m just going to turn both reflection intensity and bounces down i’m going to keep precomputed global illumination the real time resolution the high you set that was the old way of light mapping so the mall how you put that amount the more detail you going to get in your light map what I’m gonna do is I’m going to one tick baked global illumination because we don’t want that yet we’ll keep the general GI two directional the intensity and the balance boost i’ll keep intensity want to maybe up the balance boosted – now what I’d like to also do is continuous backing doesn’t need to be on but for real time so it needs to be updated every time you change something yourself we need to have that enabled now we can see that nothing really has actually done anything and it looks still the same now what you need to do for all your objects that are never going to move is that you need to select them so all my cubes I’ve got my seen all your objects you might have you seen are not going to be animated we want to be able to make sure that we take them a static so in the box at the top corner is the box called static and notice that the pre computing global nation starts running in the background so of course this will be more taxing on your computer if it’s not you know up to us back our said but that’s why there’s still the bank’s global illumination you can still achieve but this is using the real time now that will just take as long as it needs to to compute its global illumination and then you will see it once it’s some completed one thing you might want to do in the meantime is get rid of your men camera so you want to have a first-person control what you can also do is if you set your directional light to static so if that’s not going to move either we can set that i’m not sure if that makes a difference entirely but four lights that are not moving and not going to rotate believe that by itself because you can adjust all these settings like the intensity of the directional light itself the bounds intensity of itself I just need to wait for the global illumination to finish calculating and we can turn the Atlas size down to make this process as a bit quicker one thing I’ll mention here is you can set the cpu usage to calculate the global illumination so if you want to render as fast as possible and you can set that to hire limited soil just I just going on below in the background and you’ll notice that it increased and some settings so from the lime up Terry – not we get and the baked in global illumination so the shadows and more soft from where the Sun hasn’t hit over in one particular direction and we can obviously move particular value so we can move that and it will then recalculate the global illumination according to what we’re setting the distance aware of the derrick the light does not actually matter so we can change this and a little lamb back once it’s backed once and it will work far more efficiently and it won’t take as long as you can see that the bounds intensify turn up they’ll turn up the overall brightness of the scene that I’ve got so if i put it to a bound to you don’t really want to take the intensity of your particular light beyond one because that solve real-world setting so in the general GI you can up and the indirect intensity so indirect light is something that say a son is pointing this where and we don’t actually have any light directly hits in this surface from this himself from a light sauce it will one my light bounces around that’s in direct lightest like that’s not directly facing a particular surface and while that was baking a couple of Optimates a couple of optimization tips you can as I said increase cpu usage up you can reduce the resolution of your lineup so if you set it to one if you set it to less it will be quicker the higher as the same more resolution it’s gonna take longer to compute now this is just a literally a little scene inside a red flower grace off of walls green roof now you can see with the global illumination bag towel you can see that we get different and sheds of a particular object emitting onto the surfaces so said this red we can see that with the real-time global illumination we can see that the red Hugh has been added to the object along with the green from the roof a sort of faded into the gray areas of the walls now you don’t get that unless you did some more advanced back in with in unity fall now you get this out of the box with in unity 5 this is just a really basic example some cubes with some literally some materials which adjust the albedo is set to a particular color strand and that’s what you get and if i give you an example and I move or delete one of these cubes will get more light bleeding in and then the global illumination again as long as continuous bacon is on it will precompute everything again and it will just run in real time always in the background of your games or anything you chop and change it will always reback the lighting obviously like I said you can still do the back so it doesn’t require the real time cause real time probably wouldn’t run on low and mobile devices I don’t even know if they were on high-end mobile devices as well as its marvelous but see more light came in and then we still got the green hues on the walls but we got a lot more light computed in side of the room just based on whatever we’re going for so that’s just the sort of really basic tips of setting up the initial part of the global illumination and thus far more advanced things that you can go into and i’ll cover in the future it will it be a reflection Bob’s all the different text you times that you can use and so on and so on but just remember you need to have a skybox as a son or a directional light or light that has the real-time functionality you set the onion sauce you can use ambient light if you want but as I said it’s not required reflection bounces intensity and I’m not really required because they in effect of the things you can protect the pre computed real-time GI you can affect the general settings now from your overall settings and then you can make the desired look of what you’re after and that’s pretty much the overall basis so thanks again for watching and don’t forget to Like comment subscribe