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RM 870 Shotgun (limited)

Michael Karel

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**LImit** to **100 download**. The RM (Remington) 870 shotgun is a pump-action shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms Company and widely used by public, law enforcement and military. The 870 shotgun is popular as basic shotgun in many fps game. This game model purposed to first person shooter game

Model information :

– dimension (7,8 cm x 101 cm x 22,5 cm)
– geometry (4490 Tris)
– already have bone and simple rig (no constrain)
– texture size (4096×4096)
– you can scaledown the resolution if you want.

note: if you have issue with the model please notify me

TIP : for best result (like in the image) set roughness to noncolourdata /uncheck Srgb in your render engine or increase the roughness by multiply it by 1,5 to 2

10786 faces
5936 vertices