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Maria Naruse

Mark Escuadro

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Under basic restrictions, use worldwide, on all types of media, commercially or not, and in all types of derivative works More info

Here’s a new model I made using Maya2016 and 3DCoat for Textures.
FBX, already Rigged using HumanIK on Maya and easy to configure the rig on Unity. Other polygons are parented on the skeleton RIG, and T-Pose (Available on other site and to be followed)

**Recommended on Maya2016 and above!**


I’m not responsible if the product doesn’t work or using it to any 3rd party 3D programs. I already provided 3D files and given a recommended program to use. Your’e free to do anything with the 3D files once it’s purchased, re-selling it and providing a free copy are an exception and prohibited! I guarantee the the model was made by me from modeling, texturing and rigging (to some models).

9472 faces
5077 vertices