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Title:Unity 5 Tutorial : Making an RPG Game
Type: Unity rpg tutorial
Platform: Unity 5 Tutorial
Length: 4:37
Difficulty: Beginner (2/10)
Community Name: GameGrind

Learn how to create a very simple RPG in Unity 5.

In this unity tutorial we cover the concept, outlining the desired features for our game. We’ll be creating an ARPG-style movement system, a world full of intractable objects, NPCs with dialogue, enemies and attacking, an inventory system, portals, and maybe even a questing system.

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Unity rpg tutorial Transcript:

Hey guys guess what we’re making a new game and unity 5 kind of what you can see here in the demo this was something that created before I recorded the series though so it’s not going to be exactly what you see here but we’re very similar want to have the same movement systems committee MPC system i can interact with MPC in recent dialogue the whole world is based on interaction so i can interact with objects very easily interact with these crates and interact with the sign not in the demo but in the tutorial series itself I’ve recorded so I know kind of what we go with it but I in this demo I didn’t add other stuff in and the asset you’re looking at the models are from a free asset pack so just throw together a map with some of the free models and so something to make it feel a bit more complete when a very basic combat system and I mean very basic the whole point of this series is that everything is extremely simple there’s nothing too complex the only complex thing is is that everything has to work together right that’s the whole point of this series is to make multiple systems and make them work together and not necessarily in the coupling way in a way that it can be more modular and I bring that up because we’re going to be using standard Opie practices in this not necessarily saying unity component systems not because it totally is but i’m saying that we’re going to be using like an inheritance chain in this not very large one not anything overwhelming not a lot of bloat going on but definitely gonna be using inheritance chain and then pairing that with the component based system with a hearing is built around it makes a nice little system or we can have the best of both worlds and get the function now that we’re looking forward efficiently and very modular Lee now everything’s gonna be perfect don’t want you to go into this thinking everything that I do is the way to do it there’s no point if you’re out there that know better ways of doing things than that then I show you right it’s not me saying hey this is the correct way to do it it’s me saying hey or the best way to do it to be saying hey this is a way to do it and then this is how you would while this up together we’re all works together that’s pretty much all i want to do is introduce you to the idea the concept and in part one we’re going to throw together the character controller and also the map episode 2 we said that the interactions with the world objects and so on and then episode 3 i believe was set at the dialogue system episode 4 we start the enemy and combat system that’s going to take a couple episodes to get down and then after that we’ll tackle the inventory will be a short episode on teleportation using portals and then we may also tackle if it is requested enough if people want to see it a very simple question System something like you talk to npc and he says hey can you find the sign for me or can you go kill this thing for me nothing extreme very simple very simple tracking system to see what you’ve done in the game and to see if you’ve completed a certain task very simple stuff hope you guys stick around have any suggestions for the series keep in mind that ever recorded most of it but I do i would like suggestions for other systems to add that have not mentioned i know there’s plenty of things out there that can be added but keep in mind the scope of the project is pretty small right i want to be a very small very simple thing that I can just explain things in detail and get finished with it right if I explain grand systems in detail we’re never going to get anywhere but I want to teach you guys how to do certain things and then you take those things and build other things out of it if i show you how to make a gang and then you make that game good job and you made the game but all you did was did what you did what I did I want you to do what I do but also learn how to do other things from doing that i’m looking forward episode 1 hope you guys are to thank you for watching my name is austin and i will see you next time .




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