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Lowpoly Sticks – Free download

Loïc Norgeot

Free Download

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Another batch of scanned sticks !

The sticks are in .fbx format, and each one is made of 150 triangles, and comes with 256px albedo and normal maps.

If you need high resolution of those props or different file formats, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for on the [Store version of this model](, which comes with 5 different LODs for each model, the higher ones having 15k triangles and 4096px textures.

I also made a model made of more than 2000 instances of those assets to have an idea of the possible WebGL performance: [“That’s one big pile of stick”](

Licensed under **CC-attribution**: feel free to re-use them with the appropriate credit, and do not hesitate to drop a comment if you used them for your own creations, I’d be happy to know !

Created with love and Open Source tools only: Colmap, OpenMVS, Blender and [BakeMyScan](

3000 faces
1540 vertices