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Lowpoly Rocks – 2

Loïc Norgeot

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Yet another collection of reprocessed rocks and stones ([other free assets here](, ready to use as game props, particles or for optimized renderings. Just don’t pretend they’re yours or try to resell them. Any feedback is welcome!
( I decided to limit the collection to 20 models to reduce the loading times, and also ease the credits part 😉 )

Each model is made of 500 triangles, and 1024 pixels albedo and normal maps.

The original scans were remeshed with [mmgs](, and decimated, UV unwrapped and baked in blender. Normal maps are ready to use for Unreal Engine, but don’t forget to flip their green channel in Unity!

Original scans and models from @dennis.brooks, @db_short, @nate_sid, @bilgehan.korkmaz, @Kallvin, @panomedia, @Polygon_Juggler, @jaymie.james,
@riley.lewandowski, @bkilby, @EstebanSalazar, @micropasts, @fullcirclecs, @curiofawkstrawt, @robobear, @mwillis, @dbshort and @M_Robinson.

All original models licensed under CC attribution.

9994 faces
5037 vertices