Project Description

Download Zombie Pack

Title: FREE ASSET FRIDAY – Zombie Model, Animations, and Sound Effects
Platform: Unity Asset Store
Length: 01:45

Included in the free assets store file:
1 Zombie Character Model
4 Animations:
Death From Behind
Death From Ahead
12 Zombie Sound Effects

3D model free from Mixamo

Sounds free from Elijah Lucian

Download the Zombie Pack –

Zombie Animation
Zombie Sound Effects

hey guys and welcome to our free asset Friday video we’re gathering together a bunch of efforts that we either make or find royalty free online and provide them all in one easy zip download make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any future progressive ideo this week is um yes earth we’ve been using a lot as RBS Italy we do to our Call of Duty zombie remake serious you can check that out the links in the description for more info we have a zombie model that is free and full of love mix them are also we are including some innovations idle walking into death animations that are an ethnic file format last year including a bunch of random zombie sounds done by this guy named ELISA then he actually does voice acting for free which is awesome checking out if you need any voice acting done his stuff is really good and if you catch on the right day it’s completely free if any of these efforts hope you’ll remember to like and subscribe we can continue to provide you with pregame assets in videos and thanks for watching guys see you next time will mood mmm loll love golf ball ball Hall while ball the yeah 0 the 0 home on well home.  FPS Asset Pack.