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COD Zombies Remake


Title: Call of Duty Zombies Remake Unity 3D Tutorial: Part 7 Enemy Damage and Death Exo Zombies
Platform: Unity Tutorial
Length: 14:55
Difficulty: Beginner (3/10)

Call of Duty Zombie Remake Unity 3D tutorial for beginners!
Our take on Exo Zombies!

The Call of Duty Zombie remake tutorials continue with this video on adding enemy damage and a death animation as well. The fps kit is FREE to use and you can add it to any project that you have to control arm animations and gun camera controls. Feel free to comment and tell us which aspect of the game you want us to do next, or any additional features you think would be cool to have in this Call of Duty Zombies Remake ! Still debating on making Exo Zombies that would be able to follow you around using the same exo movements, but that will be later.

We add a custom character controller that behaves the same as the Exo Suit movements in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and have a tutorial showing how to build that here:…

If you are just joining us now, check out our previous videos in this Call of Duty Zombies Remake !

Thanks to OneManArmy for this awesome FPS Kit!

Download Modified Player Movement Script: (…

Download Zombie Death Animation File:…

Our take on Exo Zombies!
Call of Duty Zombie Remake Unity 3D tutorial for beginners!
Unity 3d for beginners.

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 heaps and that’s what happens when you gonna go stalled young hey what’s up guys welcome back to another Big Rook Games tutorial in this series we’re going through in making call of duty zombies as a clone in unity3d and today we are going to set up any deaths as well as changes to the character controller make sure you subscribe in my seek after next video will be uploaded a couple these videos the next couple weeks so at the end this is what will happen you should be ok PNC ok and be active from sounds puts those are so we’re back and we’re seeing now in the first thing to do is the week the booth PS controller that we had before we added the with the FPS kid player controller in they’ve been having some problems the couple you guys that you have problems for armed enemies walking through %um two-mile showing up your guns and stuff like that so I think it’s going to be easier to use that appears kit player controller and we will just implement our booth into that controller so we don’t have any clashing or any problems the you can see so I’m going to go into a boost controller Union to meet the whole thing that will do your camera and everything we’ve done that for you don’t see any scene in our game now we want to go down to our assets in drug are player into your scene in that include the player controller that included in the FPS skip in our scene this is just the people clear so we’ll have to make some modifications make sure that the tag is that the player and we have our hierarchy here with her work in Cameroon if you open all the way down to the weapon manager you can see the weapons that were using real change the default values sola persona put personal so just click the its like button on the side answer purposeful in the second one I am going to put something more funds to mostar in its cost are you can see under the if you open your a list the weapons in game those are the weapons you can select from Slough some pretty good ones here the scar sniper personal RPG jargon since we’re using their complete player controller not just their controller are munitions includes other stuff I player to and sounds like food footsteps and bullets them stuff like that so just played an email to see if we press play who so however many here which I will take off but you can see the up we have our gun years super choppy with horny I’m gonna disabled EU mini-map you don’t need to you know what their he looks like both defollets only movie in the x-axis so I’m going to go to the main camera which is under the room go and then the main ki Maruti and and component we’re going to and I guess this is probably world before home we want to add you must look in the y-direction so eucalyptus left circle you just search no slip insert this to the Y think you should crude pretty for quickly this log manana your mouse solutions that look as though just pick one that’s up feels good to you you for your camera after you put the script in the me camera we want to access to be zero since this is only while that doesn’t matter but you put their and then we want to put that same script on USB camera so I will be working camera moves in the y-direction so goes here up in here a there should be an EMT school doctor dinner and slight mouse why improve the sensitivity to the scene since the on your main camera next thing you want to do is go into our only ours on yasser US Army who won here but when you want to change you want and the project all those because we instantiate new ones and we want them to have the same so to search for one no intact this as Anne but I don’t see it here seeking an attack is quick advantage yen on it five your back there’s only one tag as me and the appears to be we had a blast I’m automatically puts particle to shoot objects tag enemy so now when we press play and shoot may target Berlusconi it should have a bone spur possibly shoot the phone thing this multiplayer 0 on your player character in now only press play you should be able see blood coming out when we get there but for some reason sometimes when you press play the Gunners a lineup bro I don’t know what that is for ask you something with unity because see now it’s fine how are you you know do you have to put up you can you not next we want he’s only 50 minutes when we should come through gonna give them how in we’re going to go by opening the pre-fab ugh using the scripts that manages llame regions me controller to a clipper and we’re going to and it functioned on here which I called apply dimension your call this one a group bullet hits the enemies so you just have to wait up ideas we entered the damage which we’ve determined by which weapon using and then you take that injury from hell which we do not have yet to come to declare grew up here which I’m going to you a movement so your loop ok and then I’m going to tell how much hope you have in the week function good people’s me bus went to blonde up times the round there were a handful they help more healthy trauma you progress through ground in for this we’re going to need a reference to work in israel script so year we will you know very well that references he means you in the new queue fine in new weed ok became people’s find object-type game engine and there’s only one so this should be fine and then really is that the hell to twenty plus 0.5 0.25 times the game on so now that we’ve played the US you need to talk what to do when day reno which is this that folks know we have not be going to add that low by Davis in there’s a few things come in and out there were going to through the tutorial in for now we just need to know now the stuff that will stop the up target seeking pathfinding caps ok later died is true he recalls through which will turn the trigger into her to Newcastle player into a trigger so when is that your bullets won’t stop when it hits them anymore and you’ll destroy the game objects this particular instanceof the only after four seconds we have four seconds so that we can play the innovation which will add in this tutorial to so after four seconds the should disappear if you go back and play we can see that it comes up with their caps a player does not exist because we forgot to references in our script going to you in through the Bearcats look later castle player in reference it in perceptive only a weak front so now if we save this bill that we’re seeing press play you that after through know how it’s just the spheres up to 430 Canadian both you 8p cleaner 20 games those who take sucks in after four seconds should disappear now carrying a mission which will make you look like is falling over after those and I have included that in a mission for you can download in the description Yemeni grab that now I’m going to make a new folder in assets folder because innovations in New Year I’m going to you importer the passer intuition you know I’m going to import the best and pollination we have in the first thing you need to do is put that in Mission go to reap go to in addition to change it to human by here go back to innovations you should see our guys here you nothing to the mission so we’re going to do is clean up a little bit via shit I’m born after so under the meeting which were gonna change you look good from in you change the loop do Bruce thirds around work twenty-one years am preference us movement the bottom around 3.0 in India root root form protrude from position why we’re going to big that the POS so that it falls critically on the ground of the press play before it was above the ground Alex on the ground by a and we have a munition now you open it in the project directly you’ll see the definition file and that is what you want to put in your enemy emission controller so we open to any emission control or research here from the one will see arms ammunition controller and we can just drive the read into it so now there’s a new state reconsider make a transition to the innovation from both I do %um the Zombie Walk new to this we’re going to add a printer to our controller so in the perimeter plus without you trigger which is basically a fool but distributors through and I’m going to put good known going to trigger that when they die so in those months to do this innovation here so if we choose from click on the transition to innovation recommitment the conditions is the in you can tell it how much you want P 2 emissions the plan you can be pretty strong this on doesn’t really matter you can see a movie I’ll the no column do you wanna do the same for the Zombie Walk transition to emissions that bird to use the in this ongoing when did a lil more so when you press play resigns it’ll do that and that’s all you have to do you the controller in the University towards that you see work we need to do now is how the script went to trigger that is dead variable so in our back in our enemy controller screw we want you referenced herein your son going to in a murine going to Center very able to you the component in the instance which is the innovator make sure it’s a new week function and then down in the dirt function we have this are you comin the dow home you can add it it is not search your know you told with sugar mister is is the in the emission controller love to see that in an early trial reproductive to book the loser the third false initially know your health goes below zero bpm the troop so we know when to stop the navigation 30-scrip go back years seen if we play that you %um they will fall over like there’s that you can see they’re still moving ap third you shoot them knows because the good it is to turn for the theory actually 3 eternal you may view once they die so in the script we need to tell it to stop the abuse in update because that’s where inserting the new navigation for so say if not good than Rome the certification man up noon we don’t need speak to you the so should fix that problem snowing heavily that dies in both over looks good in the free press play and ok on her up ok heaps and that’s what happens when you dine out so we do have a definition of that letter for this tutorial make sure you subscribe and like seek after next year will be uploading a couple the studios the next couple weeks and we’ll continue our series is well earth maybe some other videos giving you free assets that you can use for anything thanks again for watching and see you guys next time!