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COD Zombies Remake

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Title: Call of Duty Zombies Remake Unity 3D Tutorial: Part 6 Add Free FPS Kit Animations
Platform: Unity Tutorial
Length: 11:01
Difficulty: Beginner (3/10)

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Call of Duty Zombie Remake Unity 3D tutorial for beginners!

The Call of Duty Zombie remake tutorials continue with this video on adding a free fps kit into our scene. The fps kit is FREE to use and you can add it to any project that you have to control arm animations and gun camera controls. Feel free to comment and tell us which aspect of the game you want us to do next, or any additional features you think would be cool to have in this Call of Duty Zombies Remake !

We add a custom character controller that behaves the same as the Exo Suit movements in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and have a tutorial showing how to build that here:

If you are just joining us now, check out our previous videos in this Call of Duty Zombies Remake !

Thanks to OneManArmy for this awesome FPS Kit!

Call of Duty Zombie Remake Unity 3D tutorial for beginners!

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and finally we get RFPs gun animations guys welcome back to another Big Rook Games tutorial in this series we’re going through and making call of duty zombies with unity 3d and in today’s tutorial will show you how to add a first-person controller animation with guns subscribe to us you don’t miss any future tutorials coming out we have a bunch coming out in the next month we’ll be continuing this series as well as doing other scripts and giving out more three assets everybody so make sure you get that subscribe button we’re going to be adding the shooting innovation and reload this is what it will look like when we’re all finished today now let’s jump back to the project where we left off and get started and here’s where we left off last time we have our controller we have our new boost movements and we have a zombie spawns so I found an awesome FPS kit the triple-t free and i’m going to add that the project and it includes a lot of guns that we can use for everything and it includes animations as well as reload so it’s going to be perfect for our project I included the link in the description you can download that or you can download it from the site all linked that also in the description so first you want to import that into your project so right-click in the project asset of window and go to import package custom package find the unity package with the psk player prefab and import that make sure everything is clicked you can click the All button and click import so now we have our new FPS package important what we want to do is take the animations and put them onto our existing playercontroller since we already have a controller moving in managing the camera in the player and we don’t want to get rid of that we just want to add the system that’s used to show the animations in the firing so what you want to do is go into your base assets folder and it will have imported a player object with all of the objects that control the gun innovations so we’re gonna drag this over our existing controller but we’re going to disable a lot of the objects on the important player controller drag your player game object onto your boost FPS controller from the previous tutorials and it will attach that to our existing controller in the new one that we downloaded has a mini map feature i’m going to turn that off but that’s what that go indoors right there if you expand the player object that you put onto the boost FPS controller you will see 3 some objects and the mini-map grade are we want to disable that we want to keep the sounds you don’t have to do anything there then there’s a route go object this has the main character camera and the weapon camera the main character camera we already have a camera armbrust FPS controller so you want to disable that and our weapon camera route this is where most of our new functionality will be and you can see the weapon manager as the script that controls a lot of what we’re going to do today and it already includes a lot of guns here and you can see what it looks like if you enable the gun in the higher p can see that it included it into our scene and this is what the script does when you switch guns it just enables that object it already has all the objects on it so leave that disabled for now and for the new stuff to work we need to lock the cursor because that is how it determines went to enable all the features so again our boost controller i’m going to open our boost movement script so what you want to do in the start method is green dot block dresser and sorry about my keyboard i’m using the canonical he works on shirts allowed to sell equals true and this will lock the cursor in the gameplay mode and it will also enable our new functionality and if you try to press play and you will see that will give you an error it will say the namespace global already exists in the mouth look and that’s because we imported another Mouse look and that has the same name is our previous one that we use in our boost controller so i am just going to change the name of our second Mouse looks so that they do not clash with each other than the mouse look that we imported is in the weapon camera object under the root go and if we double-click on the script we can open it up and i’m just going to change the name of this mouse look to mess with new and now if we press play it should at least get into the game and arrows be some errors because we need to reset the buttons but you can see that we get into the game at least so next let’s fix these other areas that we’re getting you can see that we have some errors let’s say button inputs of us up so to edit your file your project input go to edit project settings input and here it has all the predefined button inputs and we’re going to add some so i’m going to change the size for 15 to 20 and when you change the size or when you increase the size that will just duplicate your last one that’s why we have five more jumps here but i’m going to add the buttons that are in this script really quick the first one is fire it actually uses fire instead of fire one so I’m just going to change that fire the next one we have is run I’m going to assign that to the left next one we have is crouched I’m going to sign that the left control next one we have is go prone going to sign that the C key next only has used that will be assigned to the e key next we need to position the weapon camera roof so that it displays in front of our cameras so what you want to do is drag the weapon camera route to your main camera and nested inside of that and when you go into your weapon camera disable the mouse look script because we don’t want it looking in another direction than we already are looking with our main camera to make sure that we see it change the y-coordinate on the position to negative point five and next we want to take our player component inside arboost FPS controller and change the tag to untag because we want the player tag to only apply to our overall player controller and then we want to change the starting weapons and if you go into your weapon manager and open the weapons in use under the weapon in your script you can see you can set the starting weapons and we’re going to start element 02 pistol that will be the default weapon and element 12 the ex next go to your boost FPS controller and add a rigid body by going to add component rigid body and on this we want to disable use gravity because we do not want to use that gravity in your weapon camera you want to go in and disable the mouse look script as well is in the player object disable the mouse look script in the rigid controller script we do not need those you get the beat them if you want i’m gonna leave them there for now so now if we press play we should have our gun in front of the screen and when we aim it should be down these sites and the cool thing with this kit is a lot of it is already developed so when you shoot there should be a bullet mark are you on any object so even we can put a cool part back there so we see that it’s during the zombie so I see an exception i forgot to find one of the keys in our project settings input switch fire mode I’m just like to add that the end and add one more on to our already and i’m going to switch fire mode and this will switch in between fully on mac and semi-automatic gun allows it so i’m going to put that button or key so we should see that there anymore and if we press play we now have a first-person controller with 40 reload animation and that’s it for this tutorial in the next tutorial we will be adding a score component and we will be adding that they killed you will add a particle effect so it looks more realistic going to get shot and that’s it that’s all you have to do to add this to our existing project now we have a fully functional animation set with our weapons and if you enjoyed the video guys help us out and click the like button remember to subscribe so you can see the upcoming tutorials this month we have a bunch coming out we will be continuing this series and you will be giving out assets for other things that we think are cool and we’ll be doing other tutorials in giving you the assets for free all the assets of used in this tutorial will be provided on our website always in the description below and if you have any suggestions or anything that you think would be cool in this series let us know and we’ll add it into it and thanks for watching guys to you next time.