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BakeMyScan – baking example

Loïc Norgeot

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This model is an experiment to remesh/texture/bake/export a model as fast as possible with features from the free blender addon I’ve been working on lately: **[BakeMyScan](**. Based on the superb [Lion Crushing a Serpent]( scan by @rigsters .

It was made in blender in close to 4 minutes (no joke) by using features of the addon, and the baking operation only took 42s on my PC ( i7 / 16GB RAM / gtx 1060) to bake the albedo, roughness, metalness, surface normals, geometric normals and ambient occlusion into 2048x2048px textures. Let’s say I’m quite glad of my workflow !

If you wish to try BakeMyScan, make sure to let me know about your successes / failures, I’m craving for feedback!

And I’ll probably soon upload a short video tutorial to the website because you know, short video tutorials are cool!


*Left: high resolution (160k tris) model, before baking. Right: lowpoly (5k tris) version, with baked textures*

5000 faces
2467 vertices