Project Description

Adam Guard



Model By: Unity


Requires Unity 5.4.1 or higher.

This package contains re-rigged versions of the character Guard from the Adam Unity Demo.

For the original film we used per-character generic rigs with a lot of prebaked animation onto bones. However, for this release we decided that the characters would be more useful to you, if we rework them with the more flexible humanoid rig – so we did. We removed the additional rigs which were functional only outside of Unity, and made a small rigging tool which tries to replicate some of Adam’s shoulders functionality.

The Adam Robot package includes:
– Characters: Guard
Post-processing effects
– Sample animations: Guard

Please note that we are releasing the Adam Robot is under a custom EULA, which does not allow commercial use.

Be aware that the assets we’re releasing from the “Adam” demo were created with the specific project in mind, so we can’t offer any guarantees about how they will perform in your project. They have been tested to work with 5.4.1. Compatibility with other versions not guaranteed, so please use at your own discretion.