Project Description


Title: 3rd / Third Person Character Controller setup in Unity 5
Platform: Unity Tutorial
Length: 04:24
Difficulty: Beginner

In this Unity3D tutorial I show you how to setup the third person controller in Unity 5, using a main camera and controlling it’s basic functions. Make sure to tag your camera as, “Main Camera” it it isn’t functioning correctly!

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hey guys so this is another unity 5 tutorial and this is going to be showing you how to use the new third person controller because a few people have been asking me even though this is fairly self-explanatory and unity of actually added some docs in there to sort of help you out with setting up sides it’s got a normal scene here and if you import in by going right clicking on your project panel going to impart and then characters and you can just import that and it will be a new standard assets folder under characters and then third person character now there’s a little document here which says third person character guidelines will tell you how to set your paw how to replace the model if you need to and i’ll tell you that you might want to add a camera so it won’t actually run away from the camera you’ll not be able to see where it’s going so initially is really quite simple all we’ve got is we’ve got to prefabs we’ve got a prefab which is a version of the AI and it’s got some navmesh components on it and I’ve not really tested this so it might be am quite good for using a I to work them do pathfinding and avoid some object collisions and things but that’s something for another time but this is the normal third person controller and it’s got its using the mechanism animation system it’s got a rigid body capsule Collider the scripts the needs for its third person character so obviously you could take this and use it for your own all want to do is we want to drag the character in you’ll notice that he actually looks quite small so it might want to just scale them up a little bit and that looks quite nice he’s got a nice catch your glider on and just not really got much going on and you’ll notice that from there once we just dragged two in one we’ve got nothing no other camera in the scene we can press play nothing will happen but so will need to add our own camera so we go game object camera so want to be able to add a camera – I scene so we can see what’s going on you might have had a man camera in there and i’ll do is i’ll add the Cameron so it sort of almost looks down our character a little bit now once we’ve positioned our camera what we can see is that if we play the game you’ll notice that we can control the third person character but will actually need to do something with the main camera now we’ve got a camera if its main camera that should be fine but if you just have to create your own camera with the game object and like that we need to make sure that it is tagged men camera they’re all will have a problem with the control to know what to do is attach our parent that to the third person controller itself by just dragging on and then you’ll notice that when we as long as it’s got the tag of main camera we can control the new third person controller and you can adjust all the settings that it’s got so on the actual controller itself we can look at the turn speed we can look at the jump power so you can put that really high and we can reduce gravity maybe put gravity and not . – so say we were doing a sort of space Spacey Game that you can notice you can go real high in the air before you drop down again so it’s something quite cool like that you can adjust all the parameters depending on how quickly you want to move so you could have it real high and make sure you met the animation adjusts itself accordingly to the speed at which you can move that was really fast and then it will change animations accordingly to if it’s on the ground are not so really it’s just a really simple it’s a really effective and good little thing they’ve added but you can change the mesh and this if you use in the probably using the mechanism animation system but it’s a really nice where to get yourself a function in third person controller with without much hassle really so hopefully that’s helped a few people out feel like the unity tutorials don’t forget to like and subscribe